Big Rock Township Assessor

Exemptions Available to Homeowners

For more information on each of the exemptions listed below, please call the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments Office at 1-630-208-3818. 

General Homestead Exemption: Homestead property includes property that is occupied by the owners as their principal dwelling place. The maximum exemption for any one year is up to $6,000 off the assessed valuation.

Homestead Improvement Exemption:This exemption is limited to an annual maximum of $75,000 actual value when the property is owned and used exclusively for a residential purpose. It applies when an increase in assessed value is attributable solely to a new improvement of an existing structure. The amount of the exemption shall be limited to the actual value added by the new improvement up to an annual maximum of $75,000 and shall continue for 4 years from the date the improvement is completed and occupied.

Senior Homestead Exemption:This applies to property that is occupied as the principal residence by a person 65 years of age or older who is liable for the real estate taxes on the property and is the owner of record or has a legal interest in the property. You must file for this exemption. Forms are available at the Assessor's Office and we will be happy to assist you. It provides up to a $4,000 reduction off your assessed valuation.

Senior Citizen Assessent Freeze: To qualify for this exemption you must:

- be 65 years of age or older this taxable year

- have a total household income of no more than $65,000 for the prior year

- have used the property as your principal place of residence on January 1st of the taxable year

- own the property or have a legal or equitable interest in the property

- be liable for the payment of the property taxes for the taxable year

This exemptions allows qualified senior citizens to elect to freeze the equalized assessed value (EAV) on their property for the year the applicant first becomes eligible. This does not freeze the amount of your tax bill. Only the EAV remains at the fixed amount. The amount of dollars that the taxing districts ask for (levy) and the tax rate will determine the amount of your tax bill.

Taxes are paid in two installments in Kane County, with the first due June 1st unless the date is extended because of late billing. The second installment is then due September 1st. The Kane County Tax Collector mails the tax bill to the taxpayers at least 30 days before the first installment is due. The tax bill may be paid at the Collector's Office in Geneva or any designated bank in Kane County. It is the taxpayers' responsibility to keep their address current with the Collector. If taxpayers do not receive a bill, they should inquire with the Collector.




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