Big Rock Township Assessor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who assesses my property if I live in the Village of Big Rock or if I live in Big Rock Township ?
 A: Both are assessed by the Big Rock Township Assessor. Township lines never change, so, even after the Village of Big Rock was formed, all property in the village is still in the Township.  

Q: How can the value of my property increase when I haven't changed it in many years ?
A: Your property's value is affected by several factors; improving neighborhoods, inflation, the number of sales in an area and the amount that they bring. The Assessor's job is to determine what your property would be worth if it was for sale now.

Q: Why do similar houses in different neighborhoods have different assessments ? 
A: Houses are valued differently because their actual market values vary. Factors that affect market value are: general location, the quality of the neighborhood, distance from schools and commercial services, and amenities in the neighborhood. These factors could cause a purchaser to pay more for a home in one neighborhood than in another.

Q: Does the Assessor raise the assessment if I paint my house ?
A: No. Normal maintenance of a house will not raise the assessment. Examples of normal maintenance are: painting, new roof, replacement windows, or repairing sidewalks.

Q: My taxes are too high!
A: Taxes are high! But it is not the fault of the assessment or the Assessor. The Assessor's job is to value each property as close to 1/3 of market value as possible as required by statute. This ensures that each taxpayer bears a fair share of the tax burden. The amount of the tax burden is determined by the voters, the municipalities, the school boards and other taxing bodies.

Q: What do I do if I don't agree with the assessment ?
A: First, you should contact the Assessor's Office in person or by phone. I will listen to your concerns and explain my position to you. Most problems are cleared up by talking to the Assessor. However, if you are still not satisfied you can file a complaint with the Kane County Board of Review.

Q: Can I examine the Assessor's records to be sure they have the correct information on my house ?
A: Yes. You can stop in the Assessor's Office at any time to review your Property Record Card. You can also compare your house to others in your neighborhood. I will be happy to supply the information as well as explain any questions that you might have.

Q: When I get my tax bill, is it too late to complain ?
A: Generally, yes. It is too late to appeal for that assessment year. It might still be beneficial to talk with the Assessor for the current assessment year.

Q: If I purchased my home for more than it is currently assessed, will my assessment go up ?
A: Not necessarily. Properties are studied and reassessed by neighborhoods, not individually. If property sales in your neighborhood are higher than their property assessments, then a reassessment or increase for the neighborhood might be warranted. We do not increase individual properties alone because it would cause inequity in the neighborhood.

The following are some of the more commonly asked questions by township property owners. Please feel free to contact us with any others you may need answered.